Yeah. You're a horrible person. You want to honk your butt off at me when I am on my way to the hospital to deliver cupcakes to terminal cancer children. It was their last wish and you honked at me and wished me dead. Karma, my friend. Just you wait.

Maybe that was a little dramatic, but I for cereal had 7 boxes of left over cupcakes that I was delivering to the Women and Children's Hospital ER when some jerk decided I cut him off (which may or may not have happened since I didn't know where I was going) and he honked at me for like 5 minutes then sped past me at 80mph. It was obnoxious and unnecessary.

I sometimes wish my life was like a movie. I want to give a cupcake to an adorable child who has cancer yet still has a great outlook on life and then we become best friends and then the chemo works and the kid is cured, all because I brought them a cupcake :)