My apologies!

I didn't realize how long it has been since my last post. I suppose I had a pretty busy weekend, but that's no excuse. I'll get back to it starting today!! Here is my latest project. I have been wanting to chronicle my escapades in the kitchen for a while now but never felt inspired until I came across this kitchen journal at Anthropologie.
(How cute!!)
Anyhow, I have started to go back through all my photos I've taken of various recipes I've tried. I am putting them along with any successful recipe in here so I have my very own cookbook to pass down. It's nice to have my favorite recipes all in one place and not scattered through the millions of cook books and magazines I have laying around. Here is a sneak peek, what do you think?
I only have about 6 recipes in there so far, but it's coming along! Also, it's going to be dedicated to all of you out there who've given me a hard time for insisting on taking a picture of the delicious food before I let you dig in. Once you see this book you won't be able to complain!! :D
Oh and this also means that I am going to have to recreate several recipes that I didn't get pictures of, so be forewarned: tons of mouthwatering pictures soon to be posted!