My Last Week at a Glance

  Other than doing some cool house stuff last weekend (which I'll post pictures of soon), here's what has been keeping me from blogging all week:

Tuesday I went out to lunch the the Frothy Monkey after work- the quesadilla was freaking amazing as well as their coffee, of course!


Later that evening, Liv and I went to an art opening at Hotel Indigo downtown. I got to meet a bunch of her friends and it was an excuse to dress up. It was fun!

I have been weaving up a storm this week. I finished up an order I had, sold a few scarves and got an order for 2 custom ones I'm going to start on this upcoming week.

Wednesday night I went out to the Dan McGuinness Pub with Liv on Music Circle to see her friend Rick Huckaby play with his band. A really cute girl named Ariel opened for him and she was pretty good as well. She reminded me a bit of a country version of Zooey.

Rick played an amazing show- Liv wrote a review for it that you can read here

Music Circle :)

Thursday night was the night we've all been waiting for: The midnight premier of Breaking Dawn part 1!! Roger and I got to the theater at about 9 after a quick stop for some caffeine at Ugly Muggs. The line had barely started but there were already some pretty trashy people there... At 10:30 they let us in and I got us the perfect seats. The movie was great- a lot more gory than I expected but it was probably the best one so far. I can't wait until part 2! 


Yesterday morning I met up with Kathleen and introduced her to Star Bagel- I think she's hooked :) Their herb cream cheese is to DIE for!

After we ate, we headed to Cool Springs to go to Joann's for some sewing supplies for a project we're working on. We might have accidentally caused an avalanche of poly fill- leaving destruction in our wake... but to be fair, this happened at least 90 seconds after we walked away...

Last night we had plans to head to see Rick play at Joe's Place but before we could get there we discovered that Luna broke one of her toenails... not even 2 weeks after Bermuda did the same thing! Luna's nails aren't even long enough to touch the ground when she walks so we have NO clue how it happened! We figure they must be getting their nails stuck in between the planks in the deck. The vet said it's a super common problem and that her nails were the perfect length so there wasn't anything we could do. *sigh. $150 and a trip to the E-vet, she's bandaged up and we can head to the show- only a little late. Silly puppy!Rick's show was really good, he play acoustic and did some great covers as well as some of his originals. It was too dark in there to get a good picture. Oh my gosh though, craziness happened with this drunk guy. He was dancing with his girl and tried to pick her up- then he dropped her and fell right on top of her! She slammed her head against the wall as she fell and he head butted her in the face! His friends pulled him off of her, stood him up, and he immediately fell straight backwards onto the stage knocking Ricks mic over! It was nuts! They both left and I am sure are hurting like hell today!

This week, Eryn is coming to visit- FINALLY! And we're going to have a blast. Wednesday my parents are coming back to town and we're doing some more work on the house as well as cooking the turkey for Thanksgiving with Roger's family. I'll keep you updated!!