My other life

I have been watching the whole Gilmore Girls series lately, my favorite show of all time that will always have a place in my heart. I missed season 7 because I was in college and didn't have time. Ever since I bought all the DVD's I have put off watching the last 2 disc's of season 7... I know generally what happens, but not all the details. The time is nearing though, I am about to start season 7 and watch it all the way through.
Sometimes I wish I could live in Stars Hollow and be Rory's best friend, join the Life & Death brigade, learn everything I could ever want about sewing from Lorelai, go to Luke's every morning. Everyone has their fantasy world, Stars Hollow is mine.
We are going to get Roger's hair cut for the wedding today, I can't believe it's just about 2 weeks away, seriously, I think I'll be in Amsterdam still saying "I don't believe it!" I still haven't figured out what I want to do with my own hair... I am not worried about it looking good the day of, I am just worried about regretting it later when I look at pictures. I guess that means I should go with something classic.
I am going to work on my business cards today as well as my skirt and vest mock-up. I plan on dying all the fabric this weekend and screen printing the lining as soon as I get it which should be Monday. Let's hope I don't hate it when it's all said and done! I feel like it's my first REAL design from start to finish that wasn't based off something I saw and just wanted to recreate... although the purple dress sort of counts but that was for a class. Hopefully I'll get my act together and have pictures up next week.