My Sweetheart

Roger and I have been together for a while now, more than 4 years actually. This is our very first Valentine's day as a married couple though so I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and see where we began.
My freshman year of college soon after we first met. He was intrigued by my pink hair. We look like we were made for each other, right? HA!
He was obsessed with climbing so that was where we spent most of our weekends.

The path from our dorm to the Caf, almost every night after dinner with the guys.
I wanted a dog, he said "I like dogs." Introducing Bermuda.
Our first vacation together was a cruise to Mexico.
The Engagement! A scavenger hunt with and ending I could only hope for in my dreams.

An engagement photo shoot when his twin got engaged shortly after us. His sister and brother-in-law took some amazing pictures of all of us to remember this time by.

The wedding! Whenever I see this picture, I think "hey, it looks like we actually like each other!"
Our honeymoon to Amsterdam!

4 years of college and a dog later, we are as happy as could be.
Last night Roger wasn't feeling too well. When I eventually came to bed, he was awake and feeling much better so we ended up talking for a while and then decided to exchange our little Valentine's day gifts. I really love that we did that at 2:30 in the morning! We ended up talking for a couple more hours and then hit the sack. It was by far the best start to the day ever.