My weekend at home.

1. I only have 2 more episodes of Hoarders left in this season- then what??!

2. I really want to sew something. Lots of things actually

3. I decided what Roger should be for Halloween and convinced him to let me make the costume- I see thrifting in our near future!

4. We actually went to a few thrift stores yesterday. I found an awesome dress I want to rework for only $1 and another one I want to turn into a tote bag or some such thing for $3.

5. I haven't started weaving those rugs yet even though I finally got the yarn on the loom- this weekend has gone by so fast and sitting around watching movies all day with Roger was more tempting than sitting by myself weaving. *sigh

6. I watched the Tin Man miniseries and it was incredible. I highly recommend it.

7. Roger is in the process of writing me a weaving program similar to Weavemaker that doesn't cost us $500+ It's looking great so far, I'm really excited about it!

8. We need to find something kick-ass to do for Halloween so I don't make this awesome costume and let it go to waste.

9. About to watch Cool World. I'll let you know how it is!