New York on Film

  I realize that in my effort to catch up with blogging, posting these will be out of order- but I just got the last roll of film from our New York trip in the mail and I was really excited to share the photos. I also have all the digital photos we took sitting in iPhoto waiting to be sorted through as well- not to mention countless other albums I have yet to post (i.e. the Kinfolk workshop in November, Porter Flea, and Christmas) but we'll get to those later.

I haven't had much time, or reason, to pull out my medium format camera lately so I decided to pack it to take on our trip to New York. With the extra weight and accessories that accompany it, I needed to make the most of it. I am really happy with the majority of the photos. The few that didn't turn out very well were entirely a result of my framing or forgetting to wind the film, thus resulting in a double exposure.

NYC-1 NYC-2 NYC-3 NYC-4 NYC-5 NYC-6 NYC-8 NYC-9 NYC-10 NYC-11 NYC-12 NYC-13 NYC-14 NYC-15 NYC-17 NYC-18 NYC-19 NYC-20 NYC-21 NYC-22 NYC-23 NYC-24 NYC-25 NYC-26 NYC-27 NYC-28 NYC-29 NYC-31 NYC-32 NYC-33More New York pictures coming soon!