Not much...

I don't have much to say. I am home and enjoying my freedom but with that comes boredom. I haven't really gone out much in the last few days, racquetball lessons and hanging out with Rogers family is about the extent of it. I am planning on going home either Sunday or Monday of this week to talk wedding stuff with my mom and just generally hang out with the 'rents.

In other news, my dad jumped on the bandwagon and got a Facebook account so I guess I need to get my mom set up with one too. Might as well since my profile has to be PG anyways.
I am really excited about the wedding and the rehearsal dinner. We are looking at going to Buca de Beppos and already picked out the majority of the menu. It's family style so we all share and it's going to be a blast! I just have to worry about invitations now... I looked at the book and decided that there is no way I can figure them out so Roger has to get a move on so we can figure out what I actually CAN do.
I applied for a different position at the same place that I applied to before. I really really want to work for them so I hope they at least interview me! I also applied for two different Free People jobs that are like a dream come true, both of them! That got me thinking that I maybe should look into grad schools so I can get my MFA in textiles and be more qualified for the jobs I am looking at. I did find my dream school though... it's in Philly called the Tyler School of Art through Temple University. It has the most amazing fibers studio I have ever seen, although I've only seen like 4. But they have so many looms and like 8 computerized ones, plus the biggest and shiniest dye kitchen I could ever imagine. Now I just have to find a way to pay for it, apply, get accepted, move to Philly, and find Roger a good job there to support us. Easy. As. Pie.