Obsession with paths

I am completely obsessed with photographs of paths and have taken many a polaroid and medium format feeding that obsession. I came across this artist, Robert Kinmont, who took a series of 17 black and white prints of some of his favorite dirt paths. Let's just say, I am in love.

I think paths evoke a feeling inside of me that I am not entirely aware of. They are pleasant to look at, sure, but they also elicit a feeling of unsuredness. Are we coming or going? Do we have a choice in the matter or are we just pawns following the board game of life?
I usually tend to photograph abandoned buildings and places that jumpstart my imagination. For example: when I was in photography class a few years back, I would usually drag a few classmates along with me on photo-shoots that could potentially be unsafe. One particular day, we came across an house that had been left to the elements. Wandering around the yard we found a tiny family cemetery plot. After getting some eerie photos there, we spent the long ride back to class pondering the story of the family buried there. We came up with something along the lines of a couple who had fallen in love and he got shipped off to war while she was left with a young child. It was a lot of fun to guess at the history behind our subject matter.
I like the idea of photos that don't automatically nudge your mind in a particular direction and I think paths are going to continue to be a subject in my photography. They are familiar but not so familiar that we are entirely comfortable in the presence of them. They certainly get me thinking!