October Flea Market

Yesterday was a full full day of salvaging and rummaging. It started off with an early morning trip to Bongo for coffee and bagels before hitting up a super sketchy salvage yard on Dickerson. Upon entering, it turned out to be far less sketchy and instead, full of hidden treasures! Also, a black kitten. It was a perfect way to get in the fall/Halloween spirit! Especially since the kitten enjoyed running out and attaching to your ankles as you walk by :) My dad found us an amazing vintage pink laminate vanity for our bathroom last year but it needs some work- and a new sink. Despite the sink graveyard, we didn't find the perfect one. And if you remember from our home reno posts, the last thing we need is another door, so we kept digging. In the back of a large garage that I wasn't even sure we were allowed in, I spotted a fantastic glass display cabinet on the floor. Nothing there is priced so we had to find someone to give us a quote on it. I thought there was no way it would be priced under $100- as most places usually mark them around $175 based on the size. Wow, were we pleasantly surprised when they only priced it at $65! We are thinking it's going to be a new tank for our snake, but regardless, it's a fantastic buy and we're sure to find a use for it!

After the salvage yard it was off to the fairgrounds for "The Big One"  Nashville Flea Market. Despite it being a chilly overcast day, the place was FLOODED with people. Luckily we were in no hurry and could make our way leisurely through the crowds. Top on my list was materials and props for my booth at the Porter Flea in December and the very first tent where we bought some mounted antlers last month had some great vintage spools that I think will be perfect for hanging or displaying my work. He also had some porcelain hands, but I wasn't able to convince anyone that I needed them.

We kept walking and found some really cool stuff- most of which we didn't need but was just fun to look at.

I did find some inexpensive pirns (basically bobbins that go in industrial shuttles) also for my booth. I got the ones with silver on the ends to give it some pizazz!

My parents found some cool serving utensils and some snazzy mason jars  for displaying treasures my dad comes across in all of his travels. We also found some super cheap burlap coffee sacks my dad was looking for as well!

Oh, and in case you were thinking of changing faiths- there was a Scientology booth set up there with E-meters and everything! 

We probably spent around 4 or 5 hours just walking around that place. There was something there for everyone! My parents couldn't believe how much of it focused on antiques and vintage when it's not even advertised as an antique market. As well as the spools and pirns, we found some great shutters for a steal as well as a wire egg basket that someone tried to buy out from under me! I also got a beautiful black dress that looks to be from the 50s and a great spool of red trim I just couldn't pass up.

Roger and I found a great tent with thousands of pieces of vintage silverware that we picked through to find the perfect mismatched set to replace our Ikea ones. They were only $1 apiece as opposed to Anthro which are around priced at around $6 apiece. I took some pictures after we polished them up; I think we found some great ones!

Oh, and I forgot to post a pictures of the Dooney and Bourke purse I snagged at the Goodwill Outlet for 75 cents:

My parents were already toying with the idea of moving to Nashville and I think this flea market was the last nail in the coffin. Nashville is just the best!