Oh my goodness

I cannot even describe to you how much I LOVE all of these colors. This lady has some crazy 20 shaft computerized loom that she weave photographs on. Anyhow, I think her husband is a woodworker (ahem JoAnna!) so she gets all different kinds of sawdust from him like walnut, redwood, and black locust that she uses to naturally dye her 30/2 tencel. 
First off, tencel is some of the softest yarn in the world. She's using some pretty fine stuff which makes it even more luxurious. Then she's dying them naturally to get some beautiful earth tones?! Holy smokes! I want every single one of these bouts! 

Nicole and Joel are wanting naturally dyed linen and cottons in earth tones for their wall hanging so maybe I can convince them these are the colors they want, otherwise I'm not going to have an excuse to go chop down some trees.

P.S. JoAnna- I am just DROOLING over this lady's work, tell me what you think!!