Operation New Home Day (night) 1

For those of you who don't personally know me or those who I don't get to talk to on a daily basis, I wanted you give you an update on a huge part of what's going on in my life right now. I'll start from the beginning: Roger and I are buying a house and moving to Nashville! It's a complicated and uninteresting background story, but we made the decision earlier this year and began the journey to buy our first home. Rewind to May: we found a realtor and headed up to TN to start house hunting. On our first trip we saw about 6 homes and seriously liked about 2 of them. We thought our odds were pretty good so we decided to drive up again later that week to see some more. Our realtor showed us several that were in a suburb of Nashville, but they weren't close enough to the city. This was all about the time that I was making the decision to go to NC for the summer and Eryn and I had our Chicago vacation coming up as well. In the 4 days between when I got back from Chicago and had to leave for camp we went to Nashville once more to see houses. We fell in love with what we thought was the perfect home but, little did we know, we still had a WHOLE lot of learning to do about mortgages, loans, banks, realty, taxes, etc. We were at the point were we thought we wanted to make an offer, but after sleeping on it we realized we were being rash and rushing the whole process. We hadn't seen nearly enough houses. Jump ahead 11 weeks. Roger gets a huge promotion at work, and things start falling into place. We ended up having to let our realtor go in favor of another company that was more suited to our style. We set up an appointment last weekend while my parents are here, to see as many houses as possible. Now that I'm back from camp we wanted to dive in to looking for a house head first. We tour house after house, each with it's own set of problems. Several are far too small, one has floors that made you feel like you were on a boat- they were so uneven, one was FAR too cramped, others had flow issues, good houses in bad neighborhoods, bad houses in great neighborhoods- we were getting discouraged, to say the least. Along comes one particular house. When we drove up, we got that feeling like: Hey, this looks pretty nice, we could see ourselves living here. We walk up to the door and lo and behold, the key is not in the lock box. Hrmmm.... That's odd, our realtor remarks. He calls the leasing agent who apparently had NO idea that the key was missing. While he's on the phone, we are all creeping and looking through the windows. The house looked pretty nice, from what we could see. Oh well, no way to get in, moving on. We saw several more houses and didn't really find anything we loved, so we headed home. That night, we thought back to that one house, the one we couldn't see. We looked at it online repeatedly, tons of pictures, took the virtual tour, honestly I began to obsess over the house- it was perfect, it was our dream house, we must get in to see it. We put several calls and emails in to our realtor who put several calls and emails in to the leasing agent of the home- where is this key?!

Jump ahead another week and a half. They got a new key made and we can FINALLY go see this house. We found that out at 1:30 yesterday and were on our way up to Nashville by 3:30. When we stepped in, it felt like I'd been in there hundreds of times already- thanks to my pouring over the photos. The house did not disappoint. In fact, we loved it.

Skip ahead 2 hours. We made an offer. 8pm. We made an offer on our first house. Wow. Now it's a waiting game. Will she accept the offer?! Will she come back with something higher?! Will she decline it, flat out?! Who knows!!! What I do know, is it is 4am and I am wide awake, I've taken 4 Pepto Bismal's, and I want to puke. Talk about anxiety!

I. Hate. Waiting. She has 12 hours and 34 minutes to make her decision. And this is only step one. Just wait until we have to get it inspected! Sheesh!

So, my darlings, that was a VERY long winded story about what has been going on in our lives over the last few months. When tomorrow comes, I'll either take this post down because I'll be so upset that she declined the offer, or in 2 months, I'll be posting before and after pictures of our brand new home. Fingers crossed!