Orientation week part 2

So last Wednesday we got to go out on pontoon boats on lake Jocassee in South Carolina. It was a bright, sunny, warm day- perfect for boating!

I am totally in love with this next picture- I didn't do a single thing to it in photoshop!

Chelsea likes to stick her tongue out in photos:

Lunch on an island: More beautiful lake views!

We swam here and the water was super warm. We also jumped off the rock!

The very next day I got a surprise in the mail- my Toddy cold brew system! Yay for iced coffee!

Thursday night we got to go to sliding rock. I went down twice, despite the bitterly cold water!

Jeff is a pro at sliding: 

To warm up afterwards, Dolly's of course!

Friday was my day off so I took some advice and headed to Asheville for some much needed (or much wanted) shoe shopping! I even discovered a new place with super cheap Frye boots! I may or may not have bought 3 pairs of shoes there.. and another pair at Tops for Shoes in downtown Asheville. We'll go with that I didn't :) 

After shoes I needed some more coffee so I headed to Izzy's. It was pretty good! 

Lunch at Green Sage was next- the most delicious zucchini parm soup and a roasted turkey club. Yum!

That night all the counselors were off as well so where did we go?? Dolly's of course! 

Then Chelsea and I hung out at the only bar in town and drank beer, ate bacon cheese fries, and programmed my new digital watch. 

It was a really fun week getting back into the swing of camp life and seeing all my old friends as well as meeting tons of new ones.