Orientation week part 3!

What a weekend! It was my first official nannying weekend with Lily and Eva and boy was it fun/exhausting! Bright and early Saturday morning the girls had me doing yoga and playing twister. What a way to wake up!

After breakfast, the camp gardener, Pam, came and helped the girls plant some blackberry bushes on the side of the lodge. 

What goes well with gardening? Kool-aid! Here are the girls posing by the brand new bushes with their red Kool-Aid tongues! 

We spent the rest of the day getting chocolate from downtown Brevard and watching Peter Pan. Sunday was opening day of camp! By the time we ate breakfast and headed up towards camp, girls were arriving in droves! There is so much excitement on opening day, from the kids to their counselors- everyone is full of energy!

The counselors stood on the hills in their uniforms and cheered whenever a camper drove up. Sarah and Frampton announced who it was and that counselor ran to the car to greet their new camper and help her with her luggage. 

Everyone came to see the girls off- even grandma's and puppies!

Driving the golf cart around to drop trunks off at their proper cabins:

The barn staff even brought some ponies up to greet the girls!

After a delicious lunch of macaroni and cheese, the girls and I headed back to the lodge to get ready to go to the park- and for a secret surprise! We stopped to pet Ruby on our way out:

On the walk back from the park I spotted a white squirrel!

We ended up going swimming for a while before dinner, then the surprise: GELATO! Yum! We headed back to camp for those activity skits we had practiced over the week. There was so much singing and dancing- the campers loved it! It was a great start to the summer!