Our last days in London!

The Thursday after we got back from Paris we were exhausted! We stayed inside all day reading and relaxing before finally heading to Chinatown for dinner with Kay and Dexter. On the way we came across a pretty kitty on the bridge over the lagoon. After dinner we stopped for dessert (delicious white chocolate cheesecake) and donuts for the next morning! All of which were delicious!

Friday we got an early start to be sure and catch the changing of the guards. On the train we saw a girl who really loves peanut butter! We made it Buckingham palace right on time and watched the whole procession amongst thousands of other people. It was pretty cool though :) After that we stopped back by the London Eye and grabbed some Piccadilly Whip with a Nestle Flake bar on top. YUM! Then it was time to head to the Sherlock Holmes museum at 221b Baker Street! We walked through the first floor gift shop of the museum but didn't actually pay to go through the rest. It was pretty cool though!

By that time we were ready for some lunch! We wandered around for nearly 2 hours between Oxford Circus and Covent Garden looking for a decent pub to make up for our fish and chips disaster from a couple nights before. We finally landed upon the White Lion. I got some of the best fish and chips ever and Roger got an amazing beef and vintage ale pie. Of course we washed it all down with a couple half pints!

Then it was back to the houseboat because we had a wine and cheese dinner planned! The place we went looked like a little hole-in-the-wall but every Friday night they had a pre-selected cheese plate to taste and you just pick whatever bottle of wine you want to go with it. The cheese's were delicious-- my favorite was a super aged cheddar. The wine we chose was really good too, we even got Kay and Dexter to try some! They weren't a fan but that's ok-- more for us! After a filling dinner of cheese we headed back to start packing.

Saturday morning we hopped the bus and headed to the airport for another long day of traveling! The flights went by pretty quickly and before we knew it, we were flying over downtown Chicago and then meeting my parents at the airport back home in Nashville!