Our New House Step 3

Yesterday was full of stress- waiting to hear about our offer. The lady was out of town which is why she didn't get back to us by 5 the night before. But, nonetheless, she finally made a counter offer and we accepted immediately. We're working on getting it all in writing, which should be later today. Our realtor already scheduled the inspection for Wednesday- things are moving so quickly! After the inspection comes dealing with all the loans and getting the bank out to do an appraisal. Then, our prospective closing date is September 30th! Less than a month away! Sometimes I still can't believe it... Roger is not one to show excitement about anything... ANYTHING. Especially when it comes to spending money. Last night he was giving me a hard time about something so I pulled up the Ikea website just to push his buttons. I could barely even click on the USA link before he yanked the computer from my hands and started looking at office chairs! Talk about excited! After that, we started talking about what color to paint the currently green living room. He suddenly decided that burnt orange was the color of choice. When I gave him a hard time about it he suggested a light red, pumpkin orange, or mustard yellow. Who is this man I married?!??! He's going to get a HUGE wake-up call when he sees that I am my mothers daughter- I'm all about the brown-ed grays and beiges. We've got a LOT of compromising to do, but I guess that's to be expected since we both agreed on the perfect house so readily!

One of the biggest selling points on the house, other than it just being amazing is that we are within 15 minutes walking distance of a bakery, an amazing coffee shop, Marche, and an amazing vintage shop called Goodbuy Girls. Talk about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!

So now that we have a house and dimensions, I can start designing my dream studio. Actually, our dream everything. I've been watching HGTV for the last 72 hours straight and Design*Sponge is next. Here is another sneak peak of our dream house- the green living room:

Keep checking back for more updates on the home-buying experience! Also, any tips and suggestions... GREATLY APPRECIATED!