PAD: Photo A Day

Lame title, I know but what can you expect?! Anyhow I am going to start taking at least one picture a day and posting each weeks photos on Friday's. It'll be fun, I need to start taking more pictures with my awesome cameras!

October 1: It's fall so I had an excuse to buy some fresh flowers. Here's one of them in a lovely vase I bought from a store in Asheville last summer.
October 2: Still working on my paper clothes. This is the bottom of the skirt, the top looks much less great...
In other news: I got my new screens for my Gocco and hope to burn one tonight and start printing Sunday, I have a FULL day ahead of me tomorrow-- that's what I get for needed to feed my animals!
7:30-11:30 Volunteering for Animal Trax at the Madison Street Fest
12-4 Art Market at the Flying Monkey-- stop by if you're in town!
6-? Games night with Rogers friends
I am really really excited to finally be getting out of the house though and hopefully selling some stuff. I am working on getting some pictures printed but unfortunately I won't have time to mat them for tomorrow, I'll be gone next weekend but the Saturday after that... crap I'll be gone then too, the one after that and Halloween I'll have them matted to sell! I'll also have some first edition Gocco prints to sell as well.
Rebecca did another test run of my hair for the wedding today, we're really close, maybe I should stop changing my mind... lol. It was a beautiful day outside so I suggested that we do my hair outside. Well I got sunburned. I got rid of my watch tan line but now I have a v-neck from my shirt with a nice little sparrow from my necklace that I didn't take off in time. My face is also all red too, lame!
Here is a preview of my newest Gocco print: