Paris Day 1

Paris. Que puis-je dire à propos de paris? Il est étonnant. La ville de l'amour; Magique. We called a taxi to pick us up from the houseboat at 4AM so we could make our 6:50 train from St. Pancras to Paris-Gare du Nord station. The train ride was relatively short but we were so tired and just ready to be in France already. We bought our Metro tickets and headed straight to the hotel to drop off our bags. The concierge gave us a map and pointed us in the direction of the Eiffel tower. But first-- breakfast! We went to Le Petit Cler. Roger got a ham and cheese omelet and I got a Croque Madame. Yum! After breakfast we decided to walk to the tower (less then 10 minutes from the hotel!!) Even though it was my second time seeing it, it was still so impressive up close! We walked all around to see it from every angle before finally heading towards the Arche de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées for some shopping. We discovered there is a tunnel leading under the 12 lanes of traffic to actually get to the Arche. Seeing it across the street and standing below it are two completely different things. It was magnificent!

We strolled down the street from the Arche and did some shopping. We found the biggest Sephora EVER where I got some Chanel lipstick and stopped into Ladurée for authentic French macaroons. Then it was time to check into our hotel room and figure out dinner plans. It was Valentine's day, after all!

We decided to go to Angelina's across from the Louvre for dessert and hot chocolate first. The hot chocolate was one of the best things I've EVER tasted. Warm liquid chocolate and fresh whipped cream. OMG. SO. GOOD. I can imagine this is similar to the drinking chocolate the royals first drank in the 17th century! I also got a Carla which you can read about on the menu.

After dessert we walked back towards the tower looking for a place to buy a baguette for dinner. On the way we got to witness the Eiffel tower sparkle for the first time! Every hour, on the hour, for about 5 minutes the tower glitters. By the time we took a round-about way towards it, we got to see it glitter again when we were right beneath it! It was so beautiful! We headed back to the hotel and managed to catch a cafe right before they closed and picked up 2 baguettes and got some butter and crazy cheap champagne (€1,60 for the bottle!) at the market next door. We had just enough time to make it back to the hotel before the tower started glittering again! We felt so Parisian! Munching on fresh baguettes, drinking champagne, and watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle. Best Valentine's Day ever.

We had just enough time for dinner and to get cleaned up before we already had to get ready for the Féerie show at none other than the Moulin Rouge. I'll post my outfit pictures tomorrow so stay tuned. The show was really good but we didn't have any idea what was going on. At one point there was a cat lady and an Indiana Jones character then it looked like they sacrificed another lady and she jumped into a pool and started swimming/dancing with live pythons. It was bizarre but a really good show. We cut out about 30 minutes early (around 12:30) because the Metro stops running at 12:45 and we didn't want to have to take a taxi back. We caught some of the last trains but made it back safely. Like I said, BEST. VALENTINE'S DAY. EVER. Along with my outfit post tomorrow I'll also be posting day 2 of Paris! Crepes and the Cathédrale Notre-Dame!