Paris Day 2

Day 2 in Paris was pretty low-key. We headed to a a little cafe to grab some breakfast but we couldn't eat it there so we got croissants to go and hopped back on the train to Notre Dame. On the walk to the cathedral we found street full of pet stores. We stopped in one and oogled over the adorable puppies. Amidst the pet store street we found a crepe stand! That was pretty high on our list to do in Paris so we immediately stopped and ordered some crepes to go. I got one with strawberry jam and Roger went all out with a Nutella and banana filled one. OMG. They were so deliciously amazing. When I asked Roger what some of the highlights of our trip were- this was definitely top 3! So we devoured our crepes on the way to the cathedral. I'd toured Notre Dame once before but as we came upon it, I had forgotten just how magnificent it was. Wow. So beautiful! We walked around inside looking at all the statues before heading out back to the gardens.

It was a beautiful day outside so we decided to walk to one of the vintage stores on my list. We found it and browsed but I wasn't really in the vintage mood so we stopped in the adorable boutique next door. I got a really cute locket from there I debuted on an outfit post a few days ago.

After that we decided to head back to the hotel to pick up our bag and then made our way to the train station. Luckily we got there early because it took nearly 2 hours to make it through customs and as soon as we sat down they started boarding. We made it out of France with only wonderful memories-- well except for that customs agent who screamed at us for traveling over international waters without our boarding passes for the flight back to the states... it was weird. She was British though so we can officially say we didn't experience any mean Parisians! Woot woot!

After arriving back in London we were craving some hearty food, the 2 days of baguettes and croissants were delicious but less than satisfying. We got a recommendation for a fish and chips place near the station-- what a terrible experience! The staff was incredibly rude, the food took almost 45 minutes to come out, my fish was still on the bone, and not to mention it was ridiculously expensive! More than double what you would pay for fish and chips at an average pub! Don't worry though, we got one last delicious fish and chips before we left London! The last 2 days of vacation to come!