Part II

Yummy egg salad sandwich. This picture makes my mouth water every time I see it!

Lace making!

Chocolate museum

At the top of the bell tower-- 366 steps up a spiral staircase!

Swans in Brussels

This was the breakfast we were served every morning in Antwerp. YUM!
Lace shopping!
Airplane food...
Giant leaf piles!
Crispy M&M's!!!
An old clock hand
Church under construction
Favorite thing to do each nigh: Stroopwaffles and tea while writing in our trip diary!
Savory pancake with cheese and bacon cooked into it!
Yummmmm raspberry beer
Ok so I gave up numbering them but those along with yesterdays were some of our favorite trip moments. The pictures below are some of our favorite pictures we've taken- most using a medium format camera.
A crazy good picture Roger took
The backyard of our B&B in Amsterdam
Begijnhof in Brussels
Square in Antwerp
Bridge in Volderpark
Hundreds of bikes in the rain
Canal view in Amsterdam