Past Present Future

I have a TON to do tomorrow, so I am going to post the newly revived "Past, Present, and Future" tonight and it will count towards tomorrows blogging.

This past week was equally stressful and amazing. The shift leader got fired because she didn't show up so I had to take on some of her hours and work with only one other person last night and tonight doing a job meant for 3 people. But I can't even tell you how happy I am that she's gone. I liked her as a person but working with her wasn't so great- I won't get into the details. Either way, good but stressful week. Oh, I also got to work with Sue in the hot shop on Wednesday which was AWESOME!

Tomorrow (ahem, today) is going to be a day full of cleaning in preparation for the Halloween party next week. We're also going to Anthropologie because I have a birthday coupon :) I would love to get some weaving in too.

Next week I am working every single day since I asked for Saturday off. It is good and sucks at the same time because I won't have time to blow glass again. I plan on weaving a ton because I am putting off making my Halloween costume until the last minute (which was 2 weeks ago!) I really can't wait to see Joanna and Mark and maybe even my mom on Halloween day! Yippee! More on that later :)