Past Present Future

Only a tad bit late...

Past: The Halloween party was wicked awesome. We had so much fun! I loved seeing everyone and it seemed like everyone had a blast. We took Mark and Joanna to Lowe Mill and the vintage store there and then Joanna helped me a whole bunch to prepare for the party.

Present: My mom just left, we had a really great visit. We did a little shopping and she helped a TON with yard work and various chores. We ate some yummy food too. She's the best :) We watched Hoarders last night, it was a good episode. I'm watching Intervention right now.

Future: I am off today but I work Weds-Sat. Hopefully Sue will let me come in and practice gathering so I can help her blow glass more often. Also, Sunday is my and Rogers 1 year anniversary (Funny story about that, remind me to tell you later)  :

Thanks Facebook..