Past Present Future

No one is blogging!!! Lame! I haven't been either, so I'll fix that:

Past: This past week has been exciting, to say the least! Teresa quit and they offered me a part time baking job. I went in and trained at 5AM a few mornings and still had to work my old schedule so I feel like I didn't get to see Roger for more than 10 minutes at a time. It was a lot of fun though, despite the exhaustion :) Other big news, they may be offering me the full time baking position! My hours will be pretty regular: 5AM-1PM--- well after the holidays, that is. The holiday time is going to be nutso!

Present: I am spending the day weaving because I have tons to do! I need to get the piece off my loom so I can get a yummy scarf onto the loom then off the loom to make way for the weave along!

Future: I WANT IT TO BE CHRISTMAS TIME!! Soooo badly I want to start decorating! I think I am going to try and convince Roger to get a real tree. I wish we still had a fireplace and mantle to hang stockings and decorate.