Peach Potluck

I can't even tell you how much I love Nashville and the amazing community of people over here on the East side where we live. Last week I had the pleasure of attending a Peach Potluck party at the most adorable and well curated store in our neighborhood- called Hey Rooster General Store. The owner, Courtney Webb, fixed up this rundown building on Gallatin and turned it into the a magical little boutique filled to the brim with handmade goods- pickles, hand printed tea towels, jewelry, marshmallows, bitters-- just to name a few. To celebrate the end of an amazing peach season (with another Nashville staple- the Peach Truck) she threw a community pot luck, peach themed, of course. Everyone was welcome to come and bring a dish to share, and the turnout as well as the creativity, was mind blowing. It was so much fun meeting some of my neighbors and sharing in our love for all things peach. PeachPotluck-1PeachPotluck-2PeachPotluck-3PeachPotluck-4PeachPotluck-5PeachPotluck-6PeachPotluck-7PeachPotluck-8PeachPotluck-9PeachPotluck-10PeachPotluck-11PeachPotluck-12PeachPotluck-13PeachPotluck-14PeachPotluck-15PeachPotluck-16PeachPotluck-17

Some of the amazing people I had the opportunity to meet: Rebekka Seale- designer and photographer extraordinaire, Ruthie Lindsey- stylist and decorator to the stars, Rebekah Turshen- legendary baker for City House, and Sammie Colletta- who I follow on Instagram and finally got to meet in the flesh! Big thanks to Courtney Webb for hosting and Pawpaw Partners for the fabulous peach drinks we got to enjoy!

**Side note: Here is what the store looked like just a few months ago, and a bit of trivia- did you know the first time I ever even tried a peach was in June? Roger caught the experience on film.**