Pop. Six. Squish. Uh-uh. Cicero. Lipschitz!

The time came around to go on leave again- the last time before session break. Bailey, Gabby, Cecily, and I packed up and headed to Arden for some shopping. We hit up Michael's for our secret buddies, Marshalls where I got some new socks (yay!), and finally Target for the miscellaneous things- compression sports bras, running shorts with built in underwear, candy, etc. Ya know, the usual camp stuff. For dinner we introduced Bailey to Jersey Mike's subs.

After our shopping excursion, we headed up to Asheville to drop Cecily off with some other counselors. The remaining 3 of us took the opportunity to head to the chocolate lounge where Bailey got a porter float, Gabby got some lavender dark chocolate hot cocoa, and I got a glass of Pinot . A jazz band was performing so we were able to sit down and relish being away from camp on a Saturday evening.

A couple hours later, we headed back towards camp and dropped Gabby at Castle Rock Lodge (where we are able to stay on leave). Bailey and I headed back to my cabin for a slumber party! We made some popcorn with the pour-on butter, bundled up in our sleeping bags and watched Chicago. We called it quits about halfway through because it was after 4 and we were pretty tired. This morning, I was finally able to legitimately sleep in- till 11! When we finally woke up we were famished, especially since scent of pancakes and bacon was wafting up from the kitchen. I had been making those stupid waffles all day yesterday- so everything was still set up. I headed down to whip us up some breakfast in bed and there were even a few Krispy Kreme's left from breakfast! YUM!

Once we had thoroughly stuffed ourselves, it was back to Arden we went, to go to the Frugal Backpacker and look for a rain coat for Bailey. We didn't find one, but instead she got a new nalgene and I FINALLY bought that nalgene cozy I haven't been able to stop thinking about! It was a pretty low-key day. We headed back to camp a little early to get settled and Bailey and I watched the rest of Chicago while putting our secret buddy gifts together. On the way back Bailey and I spent a good 30 minutes making up a life for the family that we thought should live in a beautiful yellow farmhouse we passed by on the side of the road. We imagined everything from their names, ages, heights, weights, hair color, past, careers, kids, family, home, mortgage, pets, hobbies, and furniture. We let our imaginations run wild and it was a great way to pass the boring car ride back to camp. A relaxing leave was just the thing we needed to end the week and get geared up for the last week of second session. Actually, my week is going to be cut short because I am going to pick up my loom Wednesday morning on my way back to Huntsville! I am beyond excited to get to spend some quality time with my husband, best friend, and 2 favorite puppies. In the meantime, I have 2 full days of activities to teach and hundreds of muffins to bake before banquet Tuesday night.