Porter Flea Aircraft 2013!

I can't even put into words how honored I was to be a part of the latest Porter Flea. It is, by far, one of (if not THE) very best and most carefully curated (*cough*) arts festivals in all of Tennessee! The founders of this event really know what they are doing when it comes to putting on events like this. They got the best of the best food trucks to park, did fantastic advertising, had the most creative venue and setup I've ever seen, and, did it all flawlessly! I didn't have much chance to walk around on Saturday, but I got a few good shots on Friday along with some of my very favorite artists that were in attendance:  

Event-2 Event-1 Event-44 Event-43 Event-42 Event-41 Event-40 Event-39 Event-38 Event-37 Event-36 Event-35 Event-34 Event-33 Event-32 Event-31 Event-30 Event-29 Event-28 Event-27 Event-26 Event-25 Event-24 Event-23 Event-22 Event-21 Event-20 Event-19 Event-18 Event-17 Event-16 Event-15 Event-14 Event-13 Event-12 Event-11 Event-10 Event-9 Event-8 Event-7 Event-6 Event-5 Event-4 Event-3


For a full list of vendors check out the Porter Flea website here

Some of my favorites:

Blooming Leopold

Acorn + Archer


Monday Mint


Little Things Studio


Bean & Bailey

Tracey Milum

Jennifer Jeremias

Simple Twist

..... to name just a few. There were so many talented people that I can't even begin to tell you about each and every one of them