Porter Flea Holiday Market 2012

Ok, here they are! The long anticipated photos of Porter Flea! This was a HUGE event for me, and apparently the community as well! There were thousands of people in attendance and security guards had to be posted at the exits to regulate traffic flow. We exceeded the maximum number of people allowed in the building! Many people tried to sneak in the back doors and we even witnessed someone who wasn't allowed in hand money to someone inside to purchase something for her! Outrageous! My spot was near the very back of the building where people came for refuge from the crowds. It literally took 15 minutes to walk from the entrance to my booth without stopping to look at anything. Anyhow, I was really happy with my setup and location and I sold out of several items. I would say it was a major success and I cannot wait for the summer market!  

(A fellow craft center graduate!)

(I spotted one of my headbands in the crowd! A Shutters & Shuttles original!)

After the long weeks of preparation and a day full of setting up, selling, and tearing down, we were exhausted but held out long enough to celebrate at ChaChah's! Mmmmm sangria!

I couldn't have done any of this without the tremendous help and support of Roger, Rebecca and Taylor, my parents, and Kay, They all gave me so much of their time and energy doing everything from shopping the flea market for display ideas, building contraptions to hang, ironing and hemming an unbelievable amount of tea towels, tagging and pricing all my products, setting up my booth, and sitting with me for hours bragging about my talents and selling your heart out (Rebecca). I also want to thank everyone who braved the crowds to come support me. It means a lot that so many of you drove so far and waited so long to wish me well! I hope you're all geared up for the next one! <3

The next morning Roger, Rebecca, Taylor, and I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to meet Mark and Joanna and a photographer for some family photos. That's up next!