Last week was a good week. I feel like we were super duper busy every night but it was fun. Friday we grilled out at Zach and Beth's house-- steak and potatoes, to see them off on their week long vacation the next day. We're totally jealous that they're at the beach right now and we're stuck here in Huntsville!
While they are gone, though, we have the honor of doggy sitting their two pups. They are such cutie pies!
Meet Ollie
and Tsunami
I took my car into the shop Saturday and what was only supposed to take a few hours ended up requiring a part from the dealer so I won't have that back till tomorrow or Tuesday. Roger and I are going to keep working on getting the house in order, it's always the last few things that never end up getting done.
I am pretty excited because I think I finally found the perfect soft t-shirt material so I can start making my own T's to for myself and to sell on Etsy. I also have a much bigger project in the works that should be finalized in the next couple days. It will require a trip to Cincinnati and a visit with my parents, Mark and Joanna, and Ikea! (This just in, I got the return email and am certainly going to Cinci within the next week or so!)
So, that's what has been going on in my life!