Product Shoot Success!

The photoshoot with Rebecca went swimmingly today. She discovered her love for head scarves and I discovered 4:30 light to be the most flattering. I had 18 various hand dyed or hand woven scarves that I've been stock piling over the last several months (even as far back as a few years!) and today was the day to get them photographed and on the market! I may have been a little shutter happy... I took over 3500 pictures- averaging around 150-200 pictures per scarf. But hey, that's what digital is for! I had enough time to get through all of them once and I am SOOO pleased! I managed to narrow it down to 1400 after the first go through. I mean, Etsy only allows 5 pictures per product! Being that I have to work in the morning, I am going to wait until tomorrow to make those critical decisions. Here are a couple behind the scenes and favorites to tide you over until then!