Project #1

Ok, so I decided that there is a lot of artsy stuff going through my mind lately and I am going to try to organize it and what better place than my brand-spankin-new blog! This first idea stems from a trip to the antique store with my dad. I came across these old player piano rolls that I felt immediately inspired by. I got a couple of them, I tried to pick out the best from the bunch and they were only $3 a roll. Anyhow, with all these dresses I am trying to make/design for my culminating project I decided to try to make a dress out of them. I made the bodice so far with only one significant rip and now I just have to make the skirt and attempt to put a zipper on it?! I did a little research on paper clothing though and surprisingly there actually was some history to it! Apparently in the 60's paper clothes were a huge fad, at least for a select few (I asked my mom if she ever wore them and she said she'd heard of them but no one she knew ever had any interest).
I think it's funny to think of the massive paper cuts one might get from wearing paper... haha. Actually interestingly enough, it was Wisconsin's paper industry that planted the idea and there are several outfits on display in a museum there. Yay for Wisconsin! Anyhow, you could go to a drug store and just buy some paper clothes and one particular website I found said that you could buy matching wrapping paper! This was something I never even fathomed but I think it's totally cool. If you want to read a little more about paper clothes go to this website:
Meanwhile, in nowadays, there is a lady currently making clothing out of maps that's not meant to be worn: Elisabeth Lecourt Paper Clothes but mainly a google search will only result in paper doll clothes. I am interested in the wearable aspect of paper clothes, but when using the holey piano rolls that may not be so practical. We'll see how it goes!