Project #2 Completed!

Wow, it only took me 2 days to finish this kick-ass bag! The pattern was crazy simple and lots of fun to make. Here it is!

Yeah, so I am pretty happy with it, and I hope the recipient likes it as much as I do :D
Other goings on: 
1. Roger got a nasty spider bite that has gotten progressively worse over the last 48 hours. He wouldn't let me take him to the walk in clinic tonight but after Rebecca and Kay agreed with me, we are all going to gang up on him if he won't go tomorrow. 
2. I am finally done with school for good! I am hanging up my number 2 pencils and putting away my APA guidelines, I am out of college!
3. Let me just say again: after 16 years plus a semester, kindergarten, and pre-school I am finally done with school and I never have to go back, unless I want to of course :)
4. All day tomorrow I am going to be busy packing to leave for Virginia for a week, woohoo! This is my summer vacation vacation and I haven't seen Mary Ellen since June! We are going to have a blast dying dresses and shoe-izing in DC.
5. Roger got a killer monitor, thanks to me.
6. We had an amazing dinner tonight thanks to Kay and Dexter for Roger's b-day: veg-bobs, steak, potatoes, bread, and lava cake. Yum!
7. After I get back from VA I am heading home to Ohio for a while to see my parents, go to Ikea for some more fabric now that I have a use for it, hopefully see Joanna which goes hand in hand with Ce Fiore (hopefully not Mormons though)
8. Bermuda is unsuccessfully chasing a fly through the apt. 
9. Racquetball: BRING IT ON MARY ELLEN!
10. Another blog with project #2.5 up next.