Project #3 and What's New

Well I had a blast when I went home, my mom and I got a lot of wedding stuff done, I got to see Joanna, and I found my and Rogers outfits for our rehearsal dinner.

Last night Bermuda scared the dickens out of us because she woke me up at 2:30 AM by falling on my face. She then fell/jumped off the bed and ran back and forth in the bedroom a few times before sprinting into the hall and the living room (which is all one straight line). Roger ran and caught her but not before she dove head first into the side table and then agin into the wall. She got a nasty rug burn on her chin from that but we weren't worried about that right then. We laid her down for a few minutes- she was panting and her heart racing. She then tried to get up and walk but she could barely stand. She was so dizzy and was walking like a drunk! She managed to run into everything in the living room on the way across it and then again on the way back. We laid her back down for about 20 minutes and then she was fine.... weird huh?
I took her to the vet today and they did blood work and a physical exam and all was well. The prognosis: a seizure! Apparently dogs can have them from dreaming too deeply or something but it's not anything to worry about unless it happens more than 1 time a month. Crazy!!
Project number 3 is with some of the fabric I got from Sirs. I made a fold down waistband skirt that's way comfy and totally cute! I love it!