Project #4

There have been many projects I've started and abandoned between the last one and this one but I plan on finishing this one so I decided it's blog worthy.

This is the latest design in my sketchbook and I got a nifty pattern for vest since I have NO experience doing anything tailored like that and I don't yet have my birthday dress form (just ordered it!!) So here it is!
We'll see how it turns out!
I placed an order with Thai Silks while they had their Fall Sale and got some killer silk. I bought 3 yards of Silk/Soy blindly and luckily it is amazing, I am really happy with it. It's an ivory color and almost a satin charmeuse but with a little more body to it. I also finally got my hands on some silk twill that I am super psyched about as well as a striped crinkle chiffon. I am thinking about using some of that for the designs above (if you can read my notes it says something to that effect)
So I did some research on the type of dress form I wanted and based on what I want to use it for and the budget this is the one I came up with that best suited my needs. It's a Uniquely You Dress Form that is made out of foam rubber. It has an adjustable cover that goes over it to get it to smoosh to my body form and I can pin in it, steam on it, drape over it, etc. I'm pretty excited!
In other news, there is an Anti-Fashion show at the Flying Monkey that I am attending and modeling some clothes for my lovely friend/neighbor Nicole. That's happening on Saturday. I am making Roger buy a ticket so he can get some pictures of me. Her clothes are really awesome, but I have NO clue what I am wearing. It should be fun but it may mean that I have to put screen printing off another week. Hopefully I can do both, although I don't think I can throw racquetball in there too!
There is one other project that I am going to start working on soon, but it's a HUGE thing and I'm not giving anything away until it's completed. My due date is early next year, so you have a while to wait, but I promise it'll be worth it!! I am so excited about it!!