Project in the works + a dream collaboration

I have been so busy working on some new ideas to grow my brand that I've completely slacked off on blogging lately! There are a couple things I want to catch you up on. First off, a few months back I had the pleasure of meeting a (former) Nashville designer named Lauren from Blooming Leopold. I had admired her work since last December when I saw she was a fellow vendor at Porter Flea. I gathered all the courage I had to email her and ask if she'd be interested in working with me to create some fabric she could use to make one of her gorgeous designs with. She responded immediately and after an initial lunch to talk ideas, we were fast friends.


Over the course of the last few months, despite my leaving for NC for several weeks and her and her husband moving to Savannah, we were finally able to make the collaboration happen. We chose rayon for it's slight sheen and super drapey quality and decided that painting the warp mint green and ecru would give the fabric the perfect abstract/painterly quality we are both drawn to. The warp was ridiculously wide to enable her to make anything she could dream up- and after 3 months of weaving on and off, it came off the loom- exactly how we had in mind. I shipped the fabric off to her and within weeks she not only sewed a beautiful caftan with it, but made a DIY post about it on her blog!

I was seriously giddy with happiness when I saw the pictures, it was so much fun working together on this project- especially seeing it all come together! Here are some pictures of the caftan, and definitely check out her blog for directions on how to make your own!

*Note: this is one of the few times I managed to document nearly every step of the process from dying the yarn to the finished product!*

GreenPaintedWarp-1 GreenPaintedWarp-2 GreenPaintedWarp-3 GreenPaintedWarp-25GreenPaintedWarp-35GreenPaintedWarp-4

GreenPaintedRayonCombo GreenPaintedRayonProject-2 GreenPaintedRayonProject-3(Finished caftan photo credit: Lauren)

So that is the first exciting thing. Secondly I have a big show coming up on Saturday that I am really looking forward to. It's the Village Artisan Market in Edgehill village. This is the first time I'm even going to the event, let alone selling! The market is 10-5, rain or shine. There will be several familiar faces here from Porter Flea so it's bound to be a great event!

VAF_Poster2013_4Lastly, I've been doing a lot of sewing lately for a new direction I want to take Shutters & Shuttles. I am so happy with how these latest projects have turned out and I cannot wait to share the big changes with you! Here is a quick look:

BlueGreenCombo SwatchCombo YellowStripedComboI hope that eases your curiosity for the time being, you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram for more up-to-date info on what I am doing!