Quick Recap

Last week:

Discovered a backwards way to earn more money Bought a wetsuit

Mopped the kitchen

Shared some important news and got a great response

Did quite a bit of research

Wove 2 more scarves

Posted 2 scarves on Etsy

Checked some boring things off our to-do list

Made espresso and sandwiches to prepare for the week ahead


This week:

Prepare my booth setup for Panoply

Entertain my parents

Do laundry

Mop the bathroom

Buy a new charger for our Macbook

Sew tote bags

Hem towels

Post a few more scarves on Etsy

Patiently wait for 2 very important emails

Email those 2 people when they don't email me

Sell myself at Panoply

Take lots of pictures


Plan Chicago



I figured that was too much (and too boring for Twitter). Time for bed. Work at 5AM.

P.S. I'm happier than I sound... :)  (See?)