So, for those of you who don't follow me on Twitter or aren't friends with me on Facebook you've probably been wondering where I've been the last week. I got called in to work all week so bright and early Monday morning it was off to work with a hot pocket and iced latte. We went climbing that night and I did surprisingly well. I have been having trouble bouldering on problems harder than a V2- but I was able to get up to a V2+ and even a V3- Woohoo! Tuesday it was more of the same. I finally ended up calling Imogene+Willie to inquire about the status of my jeans I'd been waiting on for nearly 2 weeks. They said they were finished and I could come in and pick them up. Immediately after work, we drove over there, I tried them on and got a less than pleasant surprise. What were supposed to be my dream jeans custom tailored to fit my body perfectly were nearly 3 inches too short!! They couldn't understand how that mistake could have occurred, but it did, so I am still waiting for those perfect jeans.

 Roger got the stomach flu so we were both up most of the night with him vomiting and me hovering with the thermometer (Which, let me remind you, we purchased in Amsterdam when he got sick a couple years ago on our honeymoon. That being said, it measures your fever in Celsius... so I have to Wiki it up every single time I need to know what the average human body temperature is. ((ALSO, it was Tuesday night, aka after midnight on Tuesday, aka it was Wednesday. Wiki blackout day. What fun))) Moving on. So Roger stayed home sick all Wednesday and I went to work utterly exhausted. As I was laying down glue on thousands of Christmas cards my eyes would barely stay open. Finally 5 o'clock rolls around and it's time to head home. Roger was feeling better so we just watched some old movies that night before both heading to be super early. I have been making a serious dent in "watch more old movies" resolution. We watched Attack of the Puppet People from 1958 which had far less attacking of anything than we would have liked. As a matter of fact, excluding a gentle nudge at the end there was no attacks on anything! It was very similar to an episode of the Twilight Zone, so despite the lack of violence we were promised, we still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thursday was more work. That night we had plans to try out the 12 South Taproom with some new(ish) Nashville friends. Moments before we were due to leave my stomach started acting up. We went anyways and I tried to ignore my stomach, knowing full well that I was bound for the same fate as Roger only days before. Sure enough, I was up sick all night. I had to call in sick Friday and ended up sleeping all day. In between naps, I squeezed in another old movie called The Pajama Game starring Doris Day (one of my new favorite movie stars). It was a sweet movie about a union worker (and head of the grievance counsel)  and superintendent falling in love and the issues that they faced working for Sleeptite Pajama Company.

Saturday was another day full of lounging around. I haven't eaten a full meal in 3 days so I've had ZERO energy. Roger and I lazed around and started watching a TV series from 1960 called Thriller. They are very reminiscent of Twilight Zone as well only not as creepy. Still good though :)

Today we have a huge to-do list to catch up on every thing we well behind on last week. Take down the Christmas lights, do laundry, weave/program, blog (check!), and climb. Oh, and get ready for more work tomorrow! Although I have officially decided I am not cut out for the whole 9-5 office job like I once thought (for like 5 minutes that one day like 3 years ago) I am making good money, I really enjoy the people I work with, and it's crafty work so I can't complain :) Also, I am happy to work as much as possible in the next 2 weeks because as my mother-in-law reminded me yesterday "only 17 more sleeps until we're in London!" ....Guess we should add 'plan trip' to that to-do list as well! Oh, and Friday (fingers crossed that I don't have to work) I have a hair appointment, woohoo! I am going to get my hair color fixed, not quite sure how yet, and I am going to get my hair cut like an early Anna Karina or Mariane Faithfull: