Hey. Do you remember how I said this was going to be an epic week? Well it has been so far. First getting to see my mom this past weekend, then getting Luna on Monday. Last night I had a great talk with Nicole and Joel about the HUGE wall hanging they want to commission from me- they also want several of my rugs (!!!! it was nice to have an outside opinion of them). Today I had a meeting with someone at Lowe Mill for a potential job. Well, I got it and I can honestly say I have the 2 BEST jobs in the whole entire world. Gigi's, obviously, and now I am going to be assisting resident glass blower Susan Knecht! Can't get much better than that! I am going in on Friday to play around and hopefully I won't be too rusty after 4 years of not setting foot in a hot shop. Well, I'm off to sell some cupcakes. Hope your week is equally fantastic!