Reminiscing about 2011

2010 ended with a 20's style bash at Eryn's apartment

We had a HUGE snow storm at the beginning of 2011

I started my Etsy store (my biggest New Years resolution)

I survived an endless line during Valentine's day at Gigi's

Eryn and I had an UHH-dorable photo shoot on an old train

Eryn turned 21!

Eryn and I made 4 pieces (and modeled) for a fashion show

I got my wisdom teeth out and lived on refried beans for a week

Huntsville and Northern Alabama got hit with some terrible tornadoes and we were without power for an entire week. We found refuge in Cincinnati after sitting through hours of traffic from people fleeing

I experimented a ton in the kitchen

Roger and I started house hunting in Nashville

Eryn and I took an unforgettable road trip to Chicago that consisted of tons of make-up, vintage shopping, delicious coffee, cute outfits, and new tattoos, and front row at a Lyke Li concert

I moved to North Carolina for the summer to bake and teach weaving

Mary Ellen got married!

We took a trip to Hawaii

We bought our first house and moved to Nashville

I turned 24

We've made so many great new memories in our home and can't wait to make even more in the coming year!