Renovation Realities

Time for some demolition! The way we arranged our house puts my studio in the master bedroom on the first floor leaving the upstairs bedroom and closet for our master. With such low ceilings and the fact that they split a tiny space into 2 even more tiny ones made it feel pretty claustrophobic up there. There was also quite a bit of unusual and unusable closet spaces that could help open up the space. We saw some great closet pictures online and decided we wanted to open up the rooms providing more walking space and light. So what better time to do that when we have some time off work during Thanksgiving! So we did :) I think my favorite part was getting to kick my foot through the wall. Helped get out some pent-up rage ;) It was a dusty and messy job but it only took about 6 hours demoing total plus clean-up time. I'll post the "finished product" later today- stay tuned!