Repti-con 2012

Yesterday was a fun and exciting day. Before work, my dad, Roger, and I headed towards the Factory at Franklin for a reptile show that Rogers mom told me about. There were SOO many people and tons of retiles as well! It was a lot of fun to ooh and ahh over the various color morphs and prices of all the snakes and lizards. We picked up some rats to feed Dahlia on the way out but before that, we ran across a dealer selling some exotic mammals.

The mammal dealer had a siberian chipmunk, a ferret, a chinchilla, and my favorite: a hedgehog! A beautiful young female hedgehog that is now a part of our family! We are in the process of getting her settled into her new tank and Roger is building her a house but we finally settled on a name: Polly! As I post this she is being adorable and sleeping in my lap :) She's not all cuddly though, she is very timid and tends to prickle up a bit when she's nervous and her quills are sharp! We're going to keep handling her and hopefully she'll warm up to us a bit- after all, she is less than 3 months old so she doesn't have much people experience.