I've been thinking a lot about what resolutions I want to make for this new year. I have decided that there are several little things that I would like to change but those aren't as important as one big one... I need a professional portfolio of my work. This year, if all else fails, I would like to make some really great artwork that I can put together into a portfolio.

As this week goes, I am going to be posting my not so big resolutions to better myself this year.
Meanwhile, here are my top 5 moments from 2009:
1. My wedding
2. My honeymoon
3. Graduation
4. My new family
5. Some great sewing projects!
And the 5 things I am looking forward to happening in 2010:
1. Joanna and Mark's wedding
2. Visiting Billy
3. Joo's wedding
4. More great sewing projects... 1 in particular
5. Teaching art classes
And some things I hope may happen in 2010:
1. Get my dream job
2. Go to Costa Rica with Jaclyn
3. Make myself a website
4. Sell some artwork
5. Catch the mouse in my apartment!
Time to ring in the new year with Roger, Rebecca, and Taylor. Here's to starting my first year as a married woman! This past year was amazing, I can only dream that next year will be even better. Love!