Yesterday was chaotic! We had 100-ish kids arrive and they will be here for the next 3 weeks! 100 more arrive next Sunday too! I had to wake up early to make muffins for the parents. I made cinnamon apple and the always classic blueberry. I didn't have much going on because the counselors spent most of the day with their campers getting to know each other. I did manage to get my swim demo in and I plan on going on the slide tomorrow during first free swim, yay! Today was another day full of baking and excitement. I made sprinkle muffins to start off with a bang- I know the kids LOVE those. Then I had to make cookie dough: oatmeal chocolate chip. After that, I had to make cheesecake for dessert tomorrow. I used the same key lime recipe I used before but eliminated the lime. I had to make enough for 175 people so I had to do 16 times the recipe. I accidentally read it wrong and only used half of the cream cheese, so I really hope it still tastes ok!

After lunch I laid down for rest hour then headed to Curosty for weaving. I wove up a small sample to show off and then started making a few friendship bracelets. You can see one of them in the photo a few down. Moving on to those photos, I had another exciting snake wrangling experience today! I was summoned to Middler cabin 3 where they had pinned a small grey snake. I figured it was a baby rat snake but to my surprise, it was actually a young ringneck snake! My first time ever coming across one of those! One of the counselors had bravely pinned it under a shoe while campers stood back. I was able to just pick it up and plop it in a pillowcase and go off on my merry way! I decided to take some pictures of it, obviously, and it tried to escape. Young snakes can be snippy so I was wary about holding it. When it made a break for it though, I just grabbed it and it was super well behaved! He settled down in my hand and Eva came along to snap some good shots of it :) She was also super excited to hold it as well!

As I am writing this I am trying to come up with a good reason for the directors to let me keep it. Any suggestions?!? One idea was to use it as a teaching prop to help the kids familiarize themselves with snakes and to teach them what to do when they find one. Roger brought up a good point though-- we don't want kids thinking they can just pick up wild animals and keep them! *sigh* I might have to resign myself to letting little Ringo go. Ask anyone though- he totally loves me!!

Snake tally up to 3!