Roger is Talking about Monitors...

Roger's Birthday is coming up Wednesday and I had no idea what to get for him so I decided I'd just ask what he wanted me to get him. I know he has been dying for a new monitor but with the wedding just 97 days away he was feeling too guilty to buy it for himself. So he finally decided which monitor he wanted so I could get it for him. He just described a whole bunch of stuff to me that I have no idea what it means, but if he's happy then I'm happy :D

So Friday Roger and I took a trip to Cookeville to hang out with my parents the night before graduation. We went to Red Lobster and it was yummy then we went bowling. I kicked butt the first game and beat my mom for only the second time ever. Roger did amazing, more so than usual and kicked all our butts, my dad, well he's not so great at bowling but he had fun :D Then bright and early Saturday morning I had to be at Hooper Eblen and lining up in my cap and gown to graduate! I was only one semester late, and some of my friends I met freshman year that started with me still have a while to go, so I think I did pretty well, especially after changing my major like a million times. Actually let's see:
1. Freshman year I started as a glass blowing major
2. Sophomore year I didn't know what to do and considered metals but opted for zoology
3. 2 weeks later I changed back to a BFA in Fibers
4. Senior year still BFA until the second semester when I changed to Interdisciplinary Studies in Biology and Art
5. 1 month later was Interdisciplinary Studies in Psychology and Art
But now I officially have a diploma cover that will soon hold a diploma for a Bachelor's of Science in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies. Woohoo! It has been a long tough road getting where I am but as long as I can get a job doing what I love (fiber arts) then it will all be worth it. I also met the best guy in the world and some of the best friends in the world, jumped off a cliff, learned how to rock climb, became obsessed with racquetball, got a crazy dog, acquired 3 lizards and 3 snakes, moved 4 times and lived in 5 different zip codes, worked like 8 different jobs, learned how to make jewelry, dye fabric, weave, throw pots, blow glass, do polaroid transfers, learn medium format picture taking, etc, try crazy different foods, become a vegetarian, stop being a vegetarian, worked at an awesome camp where I made tons of new friends, became a DJ with my own show, get fired, dyed my hair a crazy amount of different colors, was the only female extra (one could say the female lead) in a scooter jousting video, got a tattoo, learned how to scuba dive, almost got attacked by cows, traveled to a different country and several different states I'd never been to, became obsessed with Twilight, totally changed my look and my music taste, sold at a craft fair, got a killer camera and lenses, got half a head of dreadlocks, and I am sure there is plenty more packed into those 4+ years but that's the gist of it, oh and I went and got myself engaged on a lake :D Here are just a few pictures to prove it!
So that has been my life for the past several years and in 97 (96 now that it's after midnight) I am getting married and starting a whole new life and I am beyond excited about it!