I just checked all my usual blogs and there was NOTHING new! What a disappointment! I'll get the Saturday blog ball rolling.

My manager was super cool when I asked for the equivalent of a smoking break so that made me happy. I got trained on how to close the back which meant 4 hours a dishes in place of 4 hours of customers... hmmm tough one. I did get to practice my swirl though, I'm a lot worse than I had hoped, lol.

We didn't get the new cable yesterday, but it should be today. I'm excited I get to record every episode of hoarders that's ever on and have marathons :)
Birthday cake for breakfast again- yummy!
I am weaving up that white fabric really quickly, it looks great and I am happy I finally like something I'm weaving. I coated a screen last night and am going to burn it today. I'm going to print one on the woven fabric when it's off the loom and print another on the warp on the loom then weave it. We'll see how each goes but I think at least one will turn out. I'll post pictures!!
We are giving the doggys a bath today because whenever we touch them a cloud of dust comes out of their fur. 
Some Jehovah's witnesses came to the door this morning. Bermuda was a really mean guard dog. The lady didn't want me to open the glass door. I don't think they'll be coming back any time soon :-D 

Work tonight then I have Sunday off.