Setting up for the big day!

Getting nearly 100 people all set up for a 1 1/2 day arts festival is not easy! Friday night there was a VIFlea preview event where only 150 ticketed people were able to attend so we had to be setting up by 2pm that day in order to be ready! It is so much fun walking around and seeing how each display comes together. All the creativity was overwhelming! setup-4 setup-5 setup-6 setup-7 setup-8 setup-9 setup-10 setup-11 setup-12 setup-13 setup-14 setup-15 setup-16 setup-17 setup-18 setup-19 setup-20 setup-21 setup-22 setup-23 setup-24 setup-25 setup-26 setup-27 setup-28 setup-29 setup-30 setup-31 setup-32 setup-33