Sewn Portrait of an Elephant

Well here it is! What started with a brief talk in Raleigh, NC about a sewn earwig turned into a 6 ft by 4ft sewn elephant skeleton for Mary Ellen and Matt. While they really DID come to see Nashville and visit us in December, they had an ulterior motive: to pick up their finished wall art! All-in-all I spent about 10 hours in prep work (measuring, lining up, cutting, drawing), 12-14 hours sewing, another 10-12 hours lining up the panels and sewing them together, and around 2 hours of miscellaneous touching up, straightening, washing, and ironing. Oh and I burned out my sewing machine less than a week away from the due-date and had to replace it.  It was the largest and most time consuming project I've ever worked on, but that makes me all the more proud of the finished product and what I accomplished over that few months time.

Commissioned Elephant Skeleton // 2012 // Cotton, Thread, Wood frame // Dimensions: 72" x 52" // Photos courtesy of Mary Ellen and Matt