Sirs Fabrics: Thank you Sir!

Rebecca and I took a much NOT needed trip to Fayetteville, TN this morning to the wonderful world of Sir's Fabrics. It is a HUGE store with way too much awesome fabric at amazing prices. Like I said, I didn't need anything and came out with a bunch. But now I am totally inspired! Here's what I got followed by a general idea of what I intend to make!

(Awesome sequin fabric. 2.99/yd) TO MAKE: this Free People tunic I've had my eye on that I almost paid $68 for 5 different times...
(This awesome jersey knit. 2.99/yd) TO MAKE: a foldover waistband skirt like below
(A stiff blue and black patterned fabric 1.99/yd) TO MAKE: this awesome drindl type skirt with a wide waistband like below
(A beautiful silk/satin type with an amazingly vibrant pattern on it-- I am SO much in love with this fabric I almost bought all 6 yards of it. Instead I bought only 4. If I run out then I only have Rebecca to blame since she was the one that talked sense into me. Only 2.99/yd) TO MAKE: a loverly Allison version of this Vena dress like below or at least a long flowy dress maybe for my rehearsal dinner?
(Last but not least, this awesome see through material for a scarf. The silver is opaque but the rest is completely see through. 2.99/yd)
As you can tell, I had an AMAZING time and hope to go back soon but know I shouldn't :D