Some day!

I woke up this morning with a simple agenda: go to Anthropologie to get a sweater, Whole Foods for some chocolate and meet my mom to go get my hair done at 1:30. Well I did the first 2 no problem, come home for some food and let the dog out and I happen to look at my car when I discover I have a very flat tire. I get out my pressure gauge- 0! It didn't even move the thingy! Well my mom was supposed to get home about 1:10 to take me to get my hair done which was desperately in need of getting some TLC but at 1:15 when I needed to leave she wasn't out of work yet! Her stupid boss held her or something lame that kept her from coming home. Anyhow I call my hair place to move my appt and can't so I just have to leave and try to get some air in my tire. The only 2 gas stations near me have 2+ ppl waiting to use the air and I am already late. So I get on the interstate and get off at an exit to go to a gas station which I discover is closed down :( so I have to get back on the interstate, the only way is south and I need north so I just get on, get off at the next exit, go to turn around and my tire blows!!

NOWHERE to pull over so I have to drive 2 blocks on the rim to a gas station and make a left turn across 4 lanes of traffic.... made it but now I am late for my hair appointment (hahaha) silly, I know but my mom ends up at that exit and takes me to the place and we get that done. Go back to my car, call AAA to get the spare on and head out to the tire place. Well my car is a Subaru that has all-wheel drive all-the-time and I have Michelin tires on. Well since it's all-wheel they won't replace them with anything other than Michelin unless they replace all 4 and no one has Michelin in stock and couldn't get them until Wednesday. They won't replace just one tire with any other type since it'll screw up my differential (side-note: they obviously didn't care about my differential 3 months ago when my other tire blew out and they just replaced 1 with a Bridgestone) but we call like a million places and no one carries them and no one can help us until finally we get someone who'll replace the two odd ones. Sorry this is confusing! We get there and they say "NOPE!" It's either all 4 or nothing. So we leave go somewhere else where they say the same thing but it's 7 o'clock and I need my car for tomorrow to got Louisville and see Joanna and make it home Saturday to see Roger. Oh and I just need my freaking car! So, we just had to give in. Got 4 new tires, add an alignment and now I need new brakes asap and we're talking a really long expensive day.
That was long and bitchy, but I deserve to complain. My 2nd blowout in 3 months!!! Thanks a ton Michelin!