Some random thoughts...

1. I had a horrible nightmare last night about the Anti-Fashion Show. Eryn and I had NOTHING done and we made fools of ourselves. The stuff we did put out didn't fit well and made our model look preggers... We don't actually have anything completed yet and it's less than a month away so we need to get to work ERYN!!!! 2. Hopefully doing our photoshoot Sunday for An Uncommon Occurrence.

3. It has been in the 60's here the last few days and I am going mad with Spring Fever! I LOVE the smell of spring!

4. Roger and I are trying to plan a trip to Denver with my parents in April, hopefully there'll still be enough snow to go snowboarding.

5. I can't wait for my IndieBusiness 3.0 class to start, 2 of the teachers have posted their journeys and they are so inspiring! I want to be like both of them- making a living from my dream job!

6. I. Love. My. iPhone.

7. I am going to get some super comfy gym shoes today because my Tom's just aren't cutting it at work every day- even with the jellin' inserts!

8. Panoply is coming up fast and I haven't been at my loom in months. I know it's just going to creep up on me so I'll be stressed trying to get some inventory made... I do have some wonderful photoshoot ideas for the products I haven't made yet!

9. I have to get my wisdom teeth out soon. I'm terrified. And disgusted.

10. I am totally addicted to Pretty Little Liars on ABCFamily and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Ok, mildly ashamed...

11. I've already slept half of my day off away. Way to be productive.