Some sad news

My laptop crashed... my desktop computer is a dinosaur so I am going to be offline quite a bit in the next week or so it takes to get our laptop back up and running. And, thank you to everyone who has offered up a nerdy friend to help us out, we've got it covered though! In the meantime, Eryn and I spent the day in Fayetteville, TN fabric shopping, antiquing, and doing some quality bonding :) Check out the full posts over on our joint blog: An Uncommon Occurrence.

I am due for another general life update and hopefully I'll have some energy after like a gazillion hours of work tomorrow and before my mom gets to town to get to it. If not, I promise I will have a TON of things to blog about in the weeks to come once the laptop is back in the land of the living!

For now, I'm off to do some dying or weaving or something off of my 2 page long to-do list.